The brand

OH MALOU embodies Parisian chic with a casual and timeless flair, drawing inspiration from the French savoir-vivre lifestyle that emphasizes the art of enjoyment and finding beauty in everyday life.

French chic is not just a style for us; it's a way of life. It's how we dress, how we carry ourselves, and how we present ourselves. It's a blend of elegance and casualness that makes us unique and unforgettable. Our goal is to reflect the spirit of French chic in all our products and help our customers in discovering their own distinctive 'Parisienne' style.

Our values form the core of our label for high-quality premium accessories. We prioritize durability and quality. Our leather bags are crafted with attention to detail in Italy, a country with a long tradition of craftsmanship. These values are reflected in every stitch and seam, lending timeless elegance to our accessories.

While we may not produce entirely within Europe, we are committed to taking steps towards sustainability and regional manufacturing. Our long-term vision is to expand our production to more European regions, supporting the local economy and fulfilling our ecological responsibility.

Every piece of jewelry you order from us is thoughtfully packaged in reusable linen pouches. We also consistently use high-quality materials such as recyclable paper and cardboard to ensure that our packaging is environmentally friendly.

Currently, our products are available in more than 20 stores both online and offline. In addition to our online shop, you can also find our products in selected concept stores as well as exclusive beauty and hair salons. Our expanding presence allows us to offer you a broader shopping experience and reach you through various channels. Discover our products at one of our partner locations or enjoy the convenience of shopping in our online store.